about iCompact

About iCompact
Do you stare at the skincare aisle in the drugstore trying to decide which moisturizer is right for you? Does the cosmetics counter in the mall overwhelm you? Are you secretly enamored with all kinds of cosmetics, but don't know where to start? Then iCompact is the right place for you!

iCompact features reviews of all beauty products as well as active message board to help you make informed buying decisions. Our boards are friendly and the members can help answer any question you have! The beauty review database has over 12,000 reviews, so you are sure to find someone else who has experienced the product you are interested in. Be sure to check the reviews before you drop your hard-earned cash on ANYTHING, and check on the message boards - someone may know of a lower-priced alternative.

iCompact has been going strong since 1997, when I was that person who was overwhelmed trying to make any kind of cosmetics buying decision. The boards and reviews are completely unbiased and advertising free. We work hard to keep everything friendly and spam free. However, we do rely on donations and occasional advertising dollars to keep this free for you, so you see advertising banners and occasional, carefully selected promotions from iCompact.

Contact Information
You can get in contact with us from the contact page.

How to get your product or site reviewed by iCompact.
We are always seeking new products and lines to review. If you have a product or beauty-related Web site you would like to have reviewed please contact us to set it up. Please note we are only able to review full-size versions of products, as it is very difficult to give an objective, fair rating to a product based on a small sample.

We are also interested in new product announcements. Please be sure to add iCompact to your press list so that we can keep our readers informed of the latest and greatest items in the cosmetic world!