Terms and Conditions of use

iCompact is large and diverse community, and for this reason it is important that clear guidelines are provided for members participating on the iCompact boards. This is done in order to continue to provide a friendly, informative environment on the boards. If you need clarification on any issue please do not hesitate to contact glossjunkie@icompact.com Disregard for any of the following community guidelines may result in posting privileges being revoked at the sole discretion of iCompact.com.

1. Advertising is not permitted. Advertising in any form will be automatically moved to the Classifieds area and a warning will be sent. Advertising includes links in signatures and content in any post that involves selling or promotion of services, products or Web sites. If any further advertising is posted the message will be deleted and the member will have posting privileges removed. Advertising infractions are taken very seriously, as it is our desire to maintain iCompact as a Web site where readers can find honest, unbiased opinions of all things beauty. iCompact defines advertising as an individual or company's attempt to generate business or other commercial enterprise, either directly or indirectly, by using our Web site. Solicitation includes, but is not limited to, requests to be E-mailed, the posting of phone numbers for your business, and the referring to or posting of one's own Web site address.

2. URL Promotion and Web site linking - Use of the iCompact message boards to promote commercial or personal Web sites is prohibited. Any messages posted for the sole purpose of promoting a Web site will be deleted. Any signatures promoting commercial Web sites will be removed. Commercial Web sites include those in which the owner benefits through the accumulation of points and/or money based on Web site traffic. If you have a personal(non-commercial) Web site that you would like to include a link to in either your signature or profile, you are free to do so, however please do not post messages for the specific purpose of promoting your personal Web site. Any links (including signature or profile links) to Web sites containing content for adult visitors (see # 16), will be removed and may result in immediate suspension of the members posting privileges.

3. Harassment and Flaming - iCompact is committed to providing a friendly, welcoming environment for the purpose of discussing cosmetics, beauty and all related topics. Do not attack another member personally. Do not harass, threaten, embarrass, or do anything else to another member that is unwanted. This means: don't say bad things about them, don't attack their race, heritage, etc. If you disagree with someone, respond to the subject, not the person. Do not gossip about other members. Do not post personal information, including email, addresses, and phone numbers, of other members.Personal attacks, which have no bearing on the current thread of discussion, will be removed. Postings of this nature will be removed from the boards. Any incidents involving harassment and/or flaming will result in immediate suspension without warning of posting privileges.

4. Off Topic Postings - While the primary purpose of these message boards is the sharing of experiences and advice related to cosmetics and beauty, the very nature of the Internet sometimes leads to off topic postings. This is a natural extension of the community that has developed within the iCompact Web site, especially the message boards. While we (the moderators) make every effort to monitor the postings and keep them within the current topic, occasionally off topic messages may be posted. Depending on the nature of the posting, it is at the moderator's discretion to edit or delete the post. Off topic posts, which are unlikely, to have broad appeal to the iCompact community will be removed, this may include topics, which are highly controversial and/or are suited for discussion on another Web site. Postings that have been placed on the boards to disrupt the flow of conversation will be removed. Postings that have been placed on the boards in order to "push the limits" or "test the moderators" will be immediately removed and will result in immediate suspension.

5. Moderators - Any and all moderators are volunteers. These are longtime members of iCompact who have volunteered their time to help our community. Our moderators are members just like you, who enjoy friendly discussions and are fanatics about makeup. While they have guidelines to follow in terms of deleting advertising, inflammatory posts, etc., they each have their own style of moderating the board. Please respect our moderators as they work very hard to maintain the community.

6. ALL CAPS. All caps is considered shouting and bad netiquette. Please turn your caps lock off.

7. Spelling and Grammatical Errors. All people make mistakes, please do not attack another members posting based on spelling or poor sentence structure. In addition we have a very large international population, English is not the native language for many of these members, so please be considerate. INsulting a member because of a spelling or grammatical error is in poor taste and may result in suspension of posting privileges.

8. Profanity and Vulgarity. Profanity and foul or vulgar language is not acceptable. Using asterisks to blank out several letters of a word is considered a violation if the vulgarity is discernible. There are far more powerful ways to get a point across. Discussions of any nature that the iCompact moderators feel are inappropriate for the boards will be removed

9. Multiple Identities. Creating multiple identities for the purpose of harassment, spamming, trolling, or otherwise disrupting the normal flow of discussion on the iCompact message boards is not allowed.

In addition, only one person may use one account. This means - The person who registered the account is responsible for any messages posted from that account. This means that any community guideline violations will be applied to that account, no matter who posted the message. Please keep track of your username and password, and do not store them on any computer that other people have access to. If your roommate, brother, sister or best friend would like to post on iCompact, then please tell them to get their own account, it's free.

10. Selling items on the swap board is not allowed. This includes items on the iCompact or any other swap. This will be considered advertising and deleted immediately.

11. Promoting lists from swaps on other Web sites is not allowed. Please do not use the message boards to advertise swap lists you have posted elsewhere. If you would like to promote your swap, make sure it is an iCompact swap.

12. Editing/Deleting of Posts. Decisions by the moderator to edit or delete a post are based on the guidelines as established above. In addition, during periods of high activity we may not be able to read every posting, and certain messages may not receive the same consideration as messages would during normal usage times. If you have concerns about any posting, please address them to glossjunkie@icompact.com

13. Paging. While paging is permitted, please use discretion when paging other members. The iCompact boards are not intended as a personal communications system. Lists of posts, which are primarily "pages", are distracting and discouraging to those people who are trying to keep up with the boards. If you are paging someone that you know has specific knowledge to help you or you do not know their email address, then that is fine. However, if a page is sent because you just don't feel like sending an email, then please reconsider sending the page.

14. Bumping. Please, try to avoid it unless it's absolutely necessary. If you don't get an instant response, don't worry - chances are someone will read it and respond within a day or so. It's possible that someone has asked a similar question, so use the search tools on the message boards to see if there has already been a discussion on that topic.

15. Notification of moved, edited or deleted posts. In general, the moderator will try to notify members whose posts have been moved, deleted, or edited. However, because of time constraints, this notification will be done at our discretion.

16. Adult Content. Discussion of and/or linking to Web sites which contain adult content will be removed and may result in immediate suspension of posting privileges. Such content includes, discussion of or photos of explicit sexual acts, and nudity. Review and removal of potentially offensive content will be done at iCompact's discretion.

17. Email. A valid email address is required to register. If a false email is provided, posting privileges will be immediately suspended until a valid email address is provided to us.

18. Signatures Signatures may contain one hyperlink to a personal Web site and one image, ONLY. The image may be no larger than 1 inch x 3 inches (either vertically or horizontally) and may be no larger than 15k. If you need assistance with adjusting your signature image please post in the technical support board.

19. Message and review content - The content of any message, review or other content posted on the iCompact.com Web site and may be used by iCompact at any time for promotional, newsletter, or other use. 20. Your use of the iCompact message boards, Web site and reviews demonstrate your assent to all the above Terms of Service.

iCompact is not a corporation or well-organized company. It is operated and funded solely by an individual who also happens to be a full-time student and mother of two. Because of this, responses to emails and messages posted on the boards is often not at a speedy rate. Please be assured that the best effort is made to respond to all requests on a timely basis, but do not expect the level of customer service you might receive from other Web sites or providers. This site is operated strictly as an individual endeavor and the time needed to operate this site will be committed as time allows. So, please be patient. Don't send multiple emails, chances are your first email was received in a timely manner. Don't post on the message boards requesting a response from me - these boards have been around for 8 years, so as you can imagine, I don't read every thread every day.

Disregard for any of the above community guidelines may result in posting privileges being revoked at the sole discretion of iCompact.com