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"Naturally radiant like a sun-drenched apricot. Our exclusive Apricot Complexion Enhancer has become so popular worldwide, we're selling almost one a minute. Try it!" is what the description of this product is at While I have no idea if it's selling one a minute, I can see why it can be so appealing. This gives me a healthy tan glow without the fuss of a self tanning lotion, and it's much much milder. I would have given it four stars if it were not for the fact that this product is not very pigmented. The sample I received had a lot more color in it, and it worked really well. When I ordered the "try five" kit which had this in it, I find that I have to layer on a LOT to get similar effects. Still, I like it, and I use it almost everyday esp. in the summer. The "try five" kit will run you $15 and the sample you get is for 0.5 oz. A full size of 1.1oz of tube or jar will run you $16.
by skin on May 09th 2001
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