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Great looking and protective
How do I love Bobbi Brown products? Let me count the ways - first of all the perfect naturalness of her cosmetics. Shades are flattering, subtle, never overstated, such as the four gorgeous treatment Lip Shines - Orchid Pink, Sunset Beach, Peach Sorbet, Pink Seashell. These colors never shout but simply bring out the best in you.

Further, not only do Bobbi’s cosmetics look good on you - they’re good for you. In addition to providing a soft summer color these Lip Shines serve as a rejuvenating moisture treatment, so comforting for lips that are dry, chapped or have enjoyed too much sea and surf. And this isn’t merely a brief moisturization but but long lasting care due to the inclusion of natural Cocoa, Shea Butters, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel and Avocado Oils.

Plus the Lip Shines contain SPF 15 to protect against future damage. Bobbi has your back!

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by Gail2 on Jul 14th 2012
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