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Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty
4 reviews for Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty
26 Jun '03

I love this book. The pictures are beautiful & Bobbi Brown really knows how to give good advice. However, on some models.. [read more]
24 Mar '01

I expected this book to be better. After reading Bobbi's first book, I was excited to go out and buy teenage beauty. Although .. [read more]
29 Dec '00

This is a very good book about makeup voor teens. Although I'm not a teenager (24) I loved reading it. It has chapters about t.. [read more]
10 Sep '00

This book is very well written and it teaches teenagers how to tAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES AND IT TELLS TEENS TO LOVE THEIR ".. [read more]
4 reviews for Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty
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