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potent vitamin c for a great price
I got this because it was on promotion and it's well worth it even at full price. It comes in a vial with the vitamin c powder enclosed in the top lid. You push down to break the seal and the powder drops into the serum. Shake well and then replace with the dropper cap.

It's only day two of the treatment but my skin is so much brighter and the redness and blemishes have calmed down. I didn't really want to use it under my makeup but it's totally fine. It does not bead up. It makes a great primer and I used less moisturizer on top and am able to wear a drying mineral powder and it still looks good.

There is no silicones in this but it can feel a bit sticky to those in humid conditions because of the propylene glycol attracting moisture but this has worked better than any product I've tried to increase moisture in my skin. I saved so much money not going to get an antiaging facial. I also love that the ingredient list is very short. It does smell citrusy but I love the smell.
by squirrel on Jun 03rd 2013
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