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decent cleansing oil
I don't know why La Roche Posay doesn't give any support to Lipikar Huile, even the SA didn't know anything about it or even suggest it when I was looking for a cleansing oil. It's poorly merchandised so even the SA don't know it's on their shelves. I saw it sitting on the bottle of the shelf all neglected and dusty.

It's a shame cos it's a decently priced cleansing oil available in most drugstores but the instructions differ in how to use it. It says to take a few drops and apply on moistened skin. But the ingredients contain soaping ingredients.

Sure enough when I used it like a proper cleansing oil, applying on to dry skin, then adding water to emulsify the oil, it soaped up and rinsed off.

The scent is sort of flowery grass. Not great but tolerable though it should really be unscented if it's recommended for sensitive skin.

I suggest this for normal to dry skin types and the bottle sucks. It's hard to control the amount that comes out and you really need a small amount. If you have a pump to replace the flip cap I say go for it.
by squirrel on Apr 06th 2013
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