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Love Lush!

Do wish I could remember what my introduction was to the estimable LUSH. Iím thinking it was a bar of their luscious soaps. Whatever it was I was mightily pleased and LUSH soon became one of my favorite go-tos for skin care. So, how do I love thee, LUSH, let me count the ways:
1. Freshness
2. Effectiveness
3. Value

I recently received a gift of a rather pricey night cream. Granted Iíd been murmuring about wanting to try it and here it was. My first thought was what a wonderful surprise. Unfortunately not so. After opening it I could only conclude that it had been on a shelf for some time. With LUSH Iím always assured of freshness even to the ďUse byĒ label on the container.

Ever wonder about the promises made by some skin care lines? Wrinkles disappearing in a week? Looking ten years younger in days? Never known LUSH to make such claims - only as in the case of Skinís Shangri La - it nourishes skin with wheatgrass, seaweed and vanilla blend. How true. ďNourishes the skinĒ is the key phrase here, and it does.

When it comes to value - who isnít price conscious these days? While leafing through a recent issue of Lush Times everything that caught my eye was certainly price accessible while a family of four could be fed for a week at the price of some other skin care creams.

Happy to say that just a small amount of Skinís Shangri La does the trick for me. Love it at night and also in the a.m. as it works well with makeup.
by Gail2 on Aug 22nd 2013
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