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super hydrating, calming
Out of desperation to hydrate my skin and plump up fine lines, I tried a sample of the Missha Snail Cream.

Snail mucus is the rage in Asia right now and if you can get past the source (after all we don't really know what is in our skincare unless we grow and make our own products) ingredient it really does live up to the hype. I suppose it's watery yet thick it is easily absorbed by the skin since snails need it as protection when they are trying to travel and also keep from drying out.

It absorbed into my skin quickly and calmed down the redness and irritation from overscrubbing. It doesn't feel sticky but its quite moist.

The cons: not sure what was in it as ingredient listings are hard to find in Asian skincare at times. But it had that floral scent like hairspray and alcohol for sure though it didn't sting too much. I'm sure there is some silicones in it not pure snail extract but it helped my skin.

My mineral makeup went on okay, it didn't absorb all my moisture but I think it would have been better if I layered more snail products from Missha to be more effective.
by squirrel on May 25th 2013
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