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Why does it look like our eyes get smaller as we get older?

I used to have these big blue eyes, and now they seem.....sunken in or some crap.
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I think it's just overtime, our skin starts to loose its elastic. Which makes our skin look less supple like it used to be.
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I'm sorry Darlene but I almost choked on my coffee when I read "or some crap"...that just struck me as so funny. Well mostly because I'm getting older too and I know exactly what you mean! It just sucks!

I've always had droopy eyes but yeah, it's worse as I get older. My lids get droopier and puffier...I have to always wear a conture eyeshadow to make it seem less noticable. I used to get "OH you have gorgeous eyes!" all the time..now, not so much! ACK!

What I've noticed more than anything though is the texture of my skin is just weird like all these dots or something all around my mouth area? What's up with that crap? HAHA!
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<<<that really is ME! HAHA!
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It's always a shock when you look in the mirror and wonder how that happened. You usually just have to accept it and move on.
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I want to know when it was that my lips suddenly spread all over my face.
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