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What kind of chocolate to make chocolate covered strawberries?

I want to make chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day but I don't know what kind of chocolate to get. What's richest, tastiest, and sets up perfectly on the strawberries? And recs?
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I am sure there are fancier options, but I've made chocolate covered strawberries with Baker's Dipping Chocolate and they turned out fabulously. Nice and glossy, and the chocolate itself was good too. You just put the cup with the chocolate in the microwave and heat it up according to directions, then dip. Super easy!
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Baker's work, but i like to use a plain Hershey bar. Just melt it slowly and dip the strawberries in. Then again, i prefer milk chocolate over all other chocolate.

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Oooh I love me some chocolate covered strawberries. I usually only make them for special occassions so I usually buy a bag of the Ghirardelli white chocolate chips and a bag of either milk chocolate or dark charcholate chips. I dip the strawberry in the white chocolate, let it set for a little and then dip the tip into the darker chocolate. You could also alternate it. It looks great and sooo yummi!
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I use anything I like to eat basically. You do need to keep in mind though that if you use "baking" they don't have the ingredient needed to keep them from blooming out of temper (turning a greyish color when set up again) it doesn't happen in all cases but it can and although it doesn't affect the flavor it can affect the appearance (I'm sure you can find more on the subject with a search)

That said I like to dip in one type then add contrasting stripes or drizzles of another type (dipping in milk and using white to drizzle for example) for the drizzling you can either use a piping bag with a small tip, make your own bag out of parchment and cut a small opening or use a ziplock type bag with the corner snipped off.

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